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Supporting you in changing your mindset and behaviours for the better.


Sessions are carried out on a mobile basis by a trained hypnotherapist in the Staines/Sunbury-on-Thames area.

Using guided hypnosis to support your lifestyle aims

There are a lot of misconceptions about hypnosis and hypnotherapy, many of which have to do with its prevalence as a form of entertainment. Hypnotherapy, essentially, is a process by which the patient is induced into a deeply relaxed state at which one experiences a heightened state of awareness. In essence, the conscious part of your brain is subdued and the unconscious part is simultaneously stimulated.

When in this state, we are more open to suggestion. The therapist, therefore, can subtly employ the power of suggestion to influence your thoughts, feelings and behaviours in a positive and affirming direction.

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Breaking compulsive or negative behaviours

We all do things we don't like from time to time. Sometimes, we repeatedly engage in behaviours, or habits, that we struggle to change, even though we actively want them to change! Hypnotherapy can be a helpful means of support in overcoming or managing cravings, fixations or other negative ways of thinking.

Managing your smoking habit

Smoking is something that a great many people wish they could stop. Cracking this habit does - and always will - require an immense amount of willpower. It's not easy!

But for many, hypnotherapy continues to be a very useful tool in their smoking cessation journey, giving the mind an extra tool at its disposal to help you succeed.

What else can hypnotherapy help with?

  • Diet, fitness and lifestyle goals such as eating healthier and exercising more

  • Battling stress and anxiety

  • Coping with past events

  • Coping with relationship breakups or difficulties

  • Preparing for a future event such as a job interview or sports competition for which you have been training 

Experience the many benefits that hypnotherapy can bring

Discuss your personal requirements with Evolve & Enlighten by contacting me on: 07956 521041 or repinder75@gmail.com

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